Your smile is one of the most prominent features of your face. It is also one of the first things people notice about you.

If you have always wanted a better smile but are unsure of how cosmetic dentistry can help you, then Digital Smile Design is your answer.

What is a Smile Design?
Our Smile Design can be done up digitally so you can visualise what can be achieved with your smile, using a computer-assisted technology.

This also allows you to be active in addressing your own dental and aesthetic concerns. Any alterations that you wish to make may also be made easily.

Firstly, after a thorough examination of your mouth and facial region, we are able to take records to form our comprehensive treatment plan and analysis for you.

  • Who is a candidate to consider options in aesthetic dentistry (smile design)?

    Those of you who are unhappy with your smile and like it to be better. You may not only have crooked or misaligned teeth, but also are unhappy with the shape, size and colour. If you have very worn down teeth due to erosion from acidic food or beverages such as citrus fruits or juices can cause shortened and sensitive teeth. Sports or isotonic drinks when consumed over a long duration of time may contribute to severe toothwear too. What may seem as purely an issue of beauty, may also lead to further issues with poor hygiene and decay due to difficult access to daily brushing. Comprehensive aesthetic dentistry not only restores the appearance of your teeth, but also improve functionality and oral health.

  • So I have done the Digital Smile Design, what next?

    If you are happy with the smile design we have done you, you may now proceed to options on how we will achieve those results. Components of cosmetic dentistry may involve one or more components of the following, depending on your existing condition and expectations of treatment:
    – Invisible braces
    – Tooth whitening
    – Composite restorations or veneers
    – Ceramic crowns
    – Ceramic veneers
    – Bridges (for missing teeth)
    – Implants (for missing teeth)

  • What if ideal treatment is not within my budget or time constraint is an issue?

    With every patient we are always sure to lay out all options for treatment of your condition. If one option is not viable, alternatives methods may be the answer you are looking for.

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